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Updated: Feb 16

The big game is almost here, and logistics, in our opinion, is the real Super Bowl MVP since they make the most-watched athletic event in the world happen. The 2023 Super Bowl study found that 192.9 million American adults intend to watch the big game, with 103.5 million of them wanting to host or attend a party and 17.8 million choosing to watch it in a bar or restaurant. At State Farm Stadium in Arizona, 63,000 people will also be present to see the game.

For this event to successfully take place, a lot of planning and preparation is required, including behind-the-scenes logistics. Let's examine the pertinent details.

Planning For The Super Bowl Venue

Grass, sporting goods, halftime show props, and, of course, food and drink must all be delivered to the chosen stadium in order to put the Super Bowl together. Logistics is the true Super Bowl MVP thanks to these efforts in freight transportation.

The Field

The big game this year will be played at State Farm Stadium in Arizona. Even the sod must be transported because this stadium's playing field is made of natural grass. Growers begin making plans to prepare the sod for the Super Bowl two years beforehand because it must endure both the abuse of the game and the halftime show.

Super Bowl halftime

Stage supplies, props, electrical equipment, and generators must be delivered for the brief multimillion-dollar halftime show. Many of the hundreds of vehicles that arrive to the stadium in the days before the event are used to convey these.

The enormous number of supplies needed to hold the Super Bowl come on up to 350 trucks and enormous cargo containers each day.