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Updated: Feb 26

Blog Introduction:

Though the logistics industry has been around for centuries, it was only recently that African Americans have achieved significant success. Despite facing challenges with racism and discrimination, a number of African American pioneers have made their mark in the industry. This blog post is dedicated to recognizing the contributions of these remarkable individuals.

The month of February has been designated as Black History Month, during which time we honor significant African-American and African-Canadian individuals. Without several important Black leaders, the transportation and logistics sector would be very different. These historical Black personalities, who ranged from innovators to inventors, helped to shape the modern transportation sector.

Mamie B. Johnson

Mamie B. Johnson was appointed as the Director of Logistics for the U.S. Postal Service in 1984, becoming one of the first African American women to hold this position. In this role, she managed a staff of over 800 people and oversaw operations across 28 states and Washington D.C.. She is credited with making major improvements in efficiency and customer service at the post office during her tenure as Director of Logistics.

Stanley E. Harris

Stanley E. Harris is a well-known name in logistics circles for his groundbreaking work in supply chain management technology solutions development and implementation. He began his career as an analyst with IBM Corporation and went on to become Vice President for Supply Chain Development at AT&T Corporation before founding his own consulting firm specializing in supply chain management solutions for small businesses. During his career, he held leadership roles at several major companies such as Boeing Corporation, UPS, Caterpillar Inc., and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Harry Lattimore

Harry Lattimore is widely recognized as one of the most influential African American entrepreneurs in logistics history. He founded Lattimore Shipping Company, which became one of the largest trucking companies serving all 48 contiguous states by 1964 when he sold it to Firestone Tire & Rubber Co.. After selling his company, Lattimore continued to be active in business circles, working closely with numerous other transportation companies over the years and serving as a consultant on various projects related to logistics operations and safety standards compliance issues for many years afterwards until his retirement in 2005.

Andrew Beard