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Updated: Feb 27

Over the past ten years, the trucking business has started to welcome women, gradually altering how this sector is perceived. An old perception of truck drivers was that they were hard-working, physically demanding individuals who could bear the harsh realities of their occupations. With more women entering this area, that has changed. When women demonstrate that they can handle truck driving equally as well as males, the stereotype is altered. According to statistics, more young women have applied for CDL-A trucking employment since they started hiring female drivers. Instead of feeling like this is a job only for men, young girls are increasingly forming career aspirations in this field.

As more female workers enter the trucking industry, it's important to recognize their impact on shippers, manufacturing, and production companies. Women in trucking are breaking down gender stereotypes and challenging traditional roles by becoming an important part of freight operations. While there is still room for growth in this area, the trends point to a brighter future as women continue to make strides in trucking.

Why More Women Are Needed in the Trucking Industry

Despite the fact that there are several restrictions and regulations in place, it is becoming more and more difficult for businesses to find drivers in the traditionally male-dominated field of truck driving. Many people struggle to recall a time when the trucking business did not experience a driver shortage.It goes without saying that trucking businesses must use innovative recruitment strategies to meet the demand while simultaneously concentrating on driver retention to keep their drivers satisfied. Anyone interested in a career in trucking after earning their CDL is welcome in the industry. Driving a truck will continue to be a necessary job path with decent pay and benefits as long as technology does not enable a new and more effective method of moving the things that our economy needs on a daily basis. The trucking sector has experienced a rush of new faces as a result of the driver shortage, with a focus on the number of women who drive.

Statistics About Women in Trucking

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there are 3 million truck drivers in the United States. Only 10% of them are women, which is a significant difference from the 51% of women who work in the civilian workforce. There are now more than 300,000 female truck drivers working alone in the United States, with numbers rising every year. This significant amount barely represents 10% of the driver workforce, demonstrating the need for more women to pursue careers as truck drivers. Despite the obvious need for more female drivers on the road, we can see the recent large growth increase, which amounts to almost 30% and is still growing each year.